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Auction is the best way to insure you are getting the most for your item.

How often have you looked at a rare antique from the Railroad and wondered how much is it worth? That can be a very difficult question to answer. But without a doubt the question can always be answered with, "Whatever someone is willing to pay?" That is the deciding factor when considering having your collectibles sold through auction. It only takes two buyers really needing or wanting a particular item to make the price go much higher than what the normal market value might be. So why not capitalize on those rare and seldom offered pieces. We consistently are able to get prices for collectibles that astounds the Railroad Memorabilia community. And as hard as it is getting to find these wonderful pieces of history it is even harder to understand why anyone would choose to sell their collection any other way.

Our commission is 25%, there are no other fees involved. No extra charge for photos. No hidden charges like Credit Card fees.

We do all the work. With over 27 years of experience we have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate, describe and represent your collectibles to the market in a way that will assure you will get the best representation possible. Plus we promise payment within 45 days of the close of sale.

Your items are photographed and described in a professionally printed catalog as well as posted on our website with our new Live On-Line bidding. Buyers are able to see exactly where current bids stand and are notified by email if they are no longer high.

Contact us today to discuss which Auction might be best for you.


If you have questions about our auction service or simply need more information please e-mail us or call us at (303) 569-5185.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to helping you complete your collections.

Railroad Memories
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