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Lot 98 California Zephyrette Hat

(Item: CAT77/LOT098)

  CZ – embroidered letters on side of blue California Zephyr “Zephyrette” linen uniform hat.  This very rare offering also includes a red & white celluloid employee identification badge issued to Miss Plagge as well as her business card.  When I met Miss Plagge she told me how she had been reading a 1956 magazine that talked about the train and the job of a Zephyrette.  She said it sounded so intriguing that she applied and her career was set from there on.  She ended up meeting Mr. Lundquist who was a steward at the time.  They of course married and spent the rest of their lives together which I am happy to report continues today.   She cut out that magazine advertising and always kept it so I am also including that in the lot.  These were truly wonderful people that I so enjoyed having the opportunity to meet.  I know that this historic piece will be enjoyed for years to come by the next lucky caretaker.      



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