Railroadiana II - The official Price Guide for 2011 and beyond.

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Railroadiana II - The Official Price Guide for 2011 and Beyond



After 11 years, Railroad Memories is proud to announce the arrival of the Railroadiana II: The Official Price Guide for the Year 2011 and Beyond.  More than a decade ago, the publication of Railroadiana: The Official Railroad Guide for the Year 2000, sold more than 7000 copies.  The second edition of this invaluable resource has 4500 detailed pictures spanning 33 amazing chapters, with a full 16-page color section of high-end items that really bring the hobby of Railroad Collecting to life!   Referred to as a “veritable museum of rail antiques” by famed Colorado Historian Tom Noel, this brand new edition is available in paperback, and a short supply of specially-numbered hardbound copies are also available for a limited time.  Hurry and order yours today! 

How to order:

1)  Fill out the order form and submit it or print the form and mail it with a check.

2) BY PHONE: Call us at 303-569-5185 and reserve your copy by phone using a major credit card

            Fellow Rail Enthusiasts, Don’t Delay!  We hope you’ll enjoy using this expansive, easy-to-reference price guide as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  Complied from over 20 years of memorabilia handling, this book deserves to be proudly displayed along with your collection.  We look forward to helping you acquire Railroadiana II, and to helping the hobby grow for years to come. 



Chapter 1 Advertising
(Item: RR001)
Chapter 2 Ashtrays & Smoking Stands
(Item: RR002)
Chapter 3 Baggage Tags
(Item: RR003)
Chapter 4 Books & Manuals
(Item: RR004)
Chapter 5 Breast Badges
(Item: RR005)
Chapter 6 Brotherhood
(Item: RR006)
Chapter 7 Builders Plates
(Item: RR007)
Chapter 8 Buttons & Pins
(Item: RR008)
Chapter 9 Cap Badges
(Item: RR009)
Chapter 10 Caps & Uniforms
(Item: RR010)
Chapter 11 Depot Train & Rail Yards
(Item: RR011)
Chapter 12 Dining Car China
(Item: RR012)
Chapter 13 Dining Car Glassware
(Item: RR013)
Chapter 14 Dining Car Linens
(Item: RR014)
Chapter 15 Dining Car Menu's
(Item: RR015)
Chapter 16 Dining Car Silver
(Item: RR016)
Chapter 17 Express
(Item: RR017)
Chapter 18 Keys
(Item: RR018)
Chapter 19 Lanterns Short Globe
(Item: RR019)
Chapter 20 Lanterns Tall Globe
(Item: RR020)
Chapter 21 Lanterns Presentation
(Item: RR021)
Chapter 22 Lights Switch, Class, Marker & Miscellaneous
(Item: RR022)
Chapter 23 Locks Brass Heart Shaped
(Item: RR023)
Chapter 24 Locks Special Purpose
(Item: RR024)
Chapter 25 Locks Steel Switch
(Item: RR025)
Chapter 26 Passes
(Item: RR026)
Chapter 27 Photo's Posters & Prints
(Item: RR027)
Chapter 28 Playing Cards
(Item: RR028)
Chapter 29 TimeTables
(Item: RR029)
Chapter 30 Tools & Tinware
(Item: RR030)
Chapter 31 Travel Brochures & Booklets
(Item: RR031)
Chapter 32 Tin & Porcelain Signs
(Item: RR032)
Chapter 33 Wax Sealers
(Item: RR033)
Chapter 34 Reproductions
(Item: RR034)
Color Section
(Item: RR035)


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